Exit Strats.
Nostalgia for everything! It's KILLING ME, the water here is so many decade shifts STALE! How can they reconstruct, or even erupt NEW consequence if all they drink is back-in-time? And it's like honorBADGE, that is the discussion point, again it's fashion in the most cable television sense, the most droning, mass instructed, trend predicted reminisce absence I have EVER SEEN!

And it's EASY. Rent is almost PAID in faking it here, it's like a drought of creativity has made even the most transparent plot-mockers into celebrities here. I can list his/her's narrative + inner monologue in a matter of seconds, and if you stab at conversation based on vague reference to these presumptions, it's INSTANT gratification for them! How can I penetrate a sludge so concentrated? A shifting based in copy stop!?

But the most impenetrable is the MATTERING. What quantifies success is non-counting, innumerable- There is no standard here, it's make it, brake it, loose it, forget it, start again with the same cast, a mirror crew of slightly shifting, easy forgetting passives looking for the BEST night. Even NIGHT makes new life here. What was once qualified +earned chaos has become contrived and blind.

But they do go wild.