And when they enter this place, the past thinking, the bodily noise, the outside space where you can only linger in void it's a MESS, it's the BEST, it's unbelievable without witness.

The characters only emerge as postHuman: breed vampire, werewolf, villain, ghost, it's a never ending cast but it's all schizophrenic and accessed through forgetting their hard scripts of not-care.

Apathy is the strongest current here, laziness the motive, easy reference their key to success but when they dispose day job, nightlife is EASE, their most potent happening comes in a longing for ecstasy typified only by the specter of apocalypse that channels this space.

IT echoes the streets, it caves the clubb making it danceable, making the end into disco-floor, an epistemic rebirth that only forwards NON-SENSE. But how can I communicate here? What do all of these auto-bodies mean?

Is there substance in these floating spirits or chaos with no consequence? Dancing seeks YES, but I can't figure out the test?!