This is, Sally Johnson, checking in. I'm still here riding out this cash flow and, I think I'll just start filming because, quantify socially: I'm merging and, it's a landfill!
There are so many people here and like, two opinions.
I think I made a wrong turn at left-back, it was a halt, a precision fall back, like when you compromise political because of discomfort? When you stop processing because process becomes stressed?

Anyway, I'm here with them now, they're talking.
It's fashion, which I like, but it's not enough flaunting of core, it's more like, imitation of the most inane, most sterile, most PLAYBACK.
Magazine clip as in, "I've totally seen this somewhere, is it-"
I'm waiting to find the one freak and her three friends. You know, the OUT THERE, the almost there, the dead poser and her friend Otherness. Otherness is good because she realizes It's a joke, but she is so sick of playing the game so quiet consumes. –It's Out There that I can dig into something with.